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Equinox – Anti-Wrinkle Review

As you grow older, age takes its toll on your body – many of the things that once made you look attractive and outstanding, now start to turn against you as they destroy the impression you make when you enter the room.

Skin is easily one of the most noticeable of these – as the years are added to your calendar, your face becomes more and more riddled with wrinkles – it starts off lightly and you laugh it off, thinking it’s not serious enough – and before you know it, there’s nothing left of your appeal.

Wrinkles are an annoying problem as they can easily ruin any good impression. If you want to prevent this condition from developing in your older years, you need to take extra special measures throughout your life – and sometimes it’s not possible to devote that much attention to skin care. The solution, then, is to remove the problem after it’s appeared.

Equinox is a powerful skin-care formula which can take care of your skin problems in less than 24 hours. It combines two parts to create the perfect system for treating your skin. The two aspects of the treatment cover your daytime treatment and the night-based one, accordingly – using the two parts of the product combined will result in a perfect treatment in a very short timespan.

We went through the ingredients list to make sure there was nothing wrong with the product in that aspect – and in fact, we were amazed to discover that the serum doesn’t use any chemicals at all! It’s amazing what modern science can do with just some simple natural ingredients, and a perfect example of that is right here in front of you!

Apart from the obviously expected effects, Equinox acts on your skin in long-term too, taking care of some of the more serious conditions that develop on it, such as skin flaps hanging freely – this can be very unsightly and also unhealthy, so it’s one of the secondary priorities of Equinox’s powerful formula. It will take some time to take care of this problem though, so don’t expect it to work instantly – but once it gets going, you’ll be on your way to a new, fresh skin.

Shipping went without hassle, though the delivery times were a bit problematic – the product took a while to get delivered, but other than that we have no negative comments here. We should just advise you to only order from the company’s official website, as this will ensure you’re getting the best offer for your money.

Speaking of offers, make sure you check out the company’s website on a regular basis – they constantly give you the ability to participate in various promotions aimed at providing you with free samples of their products, as well as some other great promotions as well. You really have to see what’s going on at that website to believe it, but your jaw will drop when you see those offers!

Equinox is no longer available for purchase.

Instead, we recommend you try Dermology Anti Aging Solution.

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  1. rolinda hayman Says:

    i ordered your free sample of equinox day an night serum, put it on my credit card and they were to let me know by email to confirm and so far no response could you please let me know why not.i will have to stop payment if i do not hear from you, i believe it was 4.99. sincerly rolinda hayman

  2. rolinda hayman Says:

    is your ad for the free equionx trial samples false? and if you company is on the up and up, why no phone number ginale has theirs posted, am wondering why yours is not.

  3. tessie Says:

    Does anyone have their contact number? i’d like to cancel future orders.

  4. Carolyn Waer Says:

    I have been trying for 2 months to find a site or number to contact them. I do not want the product and they keep sending me it as well as charging more than the ad says of 75.00 for 30 day supply. I need a phone number to call. Found a site one time, sent an e-mail and so far no response, they just keep sending me the product.

  5. Janet Hernandez Says:

    I have been recieving your product for about 2 months and don’t it anymore. However, there is no number or website tor me to contact to cancel. It says on its only $75.00, but I am getting charged $110.00!! I need to cancel thia now.

  6. Christine Says:

    Ordered the free sample with $4.99 shipping. Right after I received the sample, they sent another bottle and charged me $110 without letting me know. When I called to return, I was told all sales are return and couldn’t be returned.

  7. Opal Craig Says:

    Cancel any orders=I have not found a # to call. My charging bank will take care of it if I AM CHARGED. tHANK YOU

  8. Katie Says:

    I too ordered the free sample with shipping of $4.99. Two weeks later, I received another shipment and was charged $110.00. Now every 3-4 weeks I receive more and am charged for same. I am using the product and I am very pleased with the results. However, my medicine cabinet is filling up and I would like to cancel, but like many others, I can’t find a phone number. My only option at this point is to take action through my bank, which will cost me. If and when (probably this time next year), I need more product, I will order more, IF and only IF, it is a one time purchase. I have learned a valuable lesson, any purchases I make like this in the future, will be paid for by a “Visa Gift Card” or similar type card. I would rather pay $4.95 for the purchase of the pre-paid card, than pay $110 monthly with no way to cancel! One bottle of each, will last at least two full months, and that’s using thebproduct very liberally, no need to get more so frequently.

  9. sandi Says:

    What a scam. Don’t you people know better??? If it sounds to good to be true…..well….AND NEVER PAY FOR A FREE TRIAL!!!!! They steal millions of dollars for S&H, and then close the doors and open up a new scam. They make ALL of their money on that!!!

  10. Diane Says:

    just call your credit card co and cancel any future payments

  11. Sally Rogers Says:

    YES to all of the above. I had similar experiences with the Equinox product/company. Sad some merchants and their promoters will exploit their fellow citizens in these ways.

  12. Sharon Says:

    You can reach them at their customer service number which is 1-877-316-1859. I did and was able to control the amount of the product that was sent to me. I am very happy with the products, however, I don’t use enough to get them monthly. I find that they last a lot longer than that!

  13. karen Bradshaw Says:

    This company will scam you. Learn from my mistake and DO NOT order from them!

  14. Paul Says:

    I ordered the sample as advertised, 2 weeks later I got a thank you for your order which I did not order. I found their number 1-877-316-1859 and called. The customer service rep said I was suppose to cancel within fourteen days or be charged. I told him to cancel any other orders and I thought they a a good scam going.

  15. Debi Says:

    I was under the impression i was getting a trial offer, then my credit card company calls me & tells me i have a $99 charge, I looked up their number on the internet & called them to cancel. I have to send the product back with a return number then they will credit my account. To me I feel it was false advertising!!

  16. Deloris Drummings Says:

    I ordered what I thought was a promotion offer costing 4.95. I have since received a debit against my account for 99.00. I would like to cancel this order.

  17. Darlene Says:

    I was about to order your product and still wish to try it, but I do not want to have to deal with the reorder issues and not being able to speak to a live customer service person. If your product is so good, why would you mess around with deceptive ordering procedures. Shame on you.

  18. matty blanca Says:

    I am 31 years old. I still occasionally get breakouts and recently I have started seeing some fine lines around my eyes. I’ve tried more products than I can list and either they did absolutely nothing or made my skin even worse by causing more breakouts, making my skin really oily, or drying it out. So really, when I bought the Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum from the Made from Earth product line, I didn’t expect much. However, to my total amazement, after ONE use I could see the lines fading and after three uses some of the lines have DISAPPEARED. I look FIVE YEARS YOUNGER after just a few days of use!! I am using Made from Earth and I will NEVER USE ANYTHING ELSE. My face is smoother, softer, firmer, completely breakout-free, my pores are smaller and clearer and the fine lines have almost totally disappeared! I don’t know what kind of voodoo they put in those bottles! Try it right now. You will not be disappointed!

  19. mary Says:

    i order this crap and didnt get it and they took my money two called and all you get is a run around i called them crooks and this need to be took off the web they just takeing peoples money and it is fake

  20. mary Says:

    i am poor draw a little check i thought it was only4 dollars to get it i need my money to eat now here they take my money and i didnt get the order they are fake shame on you

  21. Donna Grimm Says:

    I don’t feel so all alone now after reading all of the reviews listed. I am currently disputing charges with my credit card carrier because I too received what I thought was my free shipment & then just recently received another shipment. There was no paperwork inside the box telling me when the product had to be returned nor was there any contact information or return shipment address. I just got my monthly statement & just about passed out when I saw a total charge of $384.85. My credit card carrier was able to give me a number to call & I spoke with a Larry Roberts (with a foreign accent) who simply told me that he was sorry that I was unhappy but he would do nothing for me. He ultimately gave me a cancellation number & a return address but stated that “you agreed to future shipments so even if you return the product there will be no refund”. REALLY!!!!! I went bollistic! Here is the number I called – 877-599-2656. Oh yes, when I told Larry that there was no information for returning the product etc. he said that they do not include any paperwork in their packaging. What a way do run a business!!! I asked to speak to a supervisor & Larry again used his favorite phrase – “so sorry, but I am the supervisor”. He did tell me that the president’s name is Todd Black. Don’t know if that is true or not. Anyway, ladies, we need to really get on these people & notify the Better Business Bureau etc. They will continue to take advantage of the innocent consumer if we let them! Please let the rest of us know how & if you get any resolution & I will do the same. GOOD LUCK!

  22. Nancy Isselhard Says:

    My skin does feel smoother, but I can get a good Loreal product with the same results. I too fell for this scam. I just found out that the free sample cost me 99 dollars. I had no intentions of purchasing any more, but they sent me another order and charged my account another 105 dollars. I can send it back, but they will only credit me 69 dollars. I had read through the ad and I never seen anything that said they would continue shipping. I never even received an email confirmation. Please don’t fall for this deception.

  23. Beth Says:

    After I studied and read the reviews, I ordered this product on my debit card for $4.99. Immediately after I pressed the “purchase” button, I received an e-mail stating that I would be billed in 15 days, and every 30 days thereafter. Never did it even mention the price that I would be billed. I immediately called the number and got some guy who was in Jamaca. I told him to cancel my order immediately, that this was a scam, etc. The guy, who barely spoke English, insisted that I needed this wrinkle cream. As soon as I hung up the phone, I checked my bank account and it had already been charged the $4.99. The bank said there was nothing they could do except cancel my debit card. Which I did. What a scam.

    By the way, at the bottom of the e-mail confirming my order, there was a statement that said “These results are not true.” Couldn’t believe it! Do not fall for this scam like I did.

  24. pam Bailey Says:

    this does not work your free so cause trail is not free took the money after 2days of getting it called to tell them i did not want it would like to return it but they would not let me only after a week and a half these people suck and are not doing right by the people so if i was you i would not order anything from them they need to be stoped i don’t know what this shit is they send but it does not work

  25. Gwen Perkins Says:

    Equinox Skin Care may be a good product for some of you. I wouldn’t know because I never ordered it or received it. I was, however, charged for it. Somehow Equinox Skin Care also Equinox DNA recieved my personal financial information. They have refused to credit my account even though the charges were caught within the 14 day period. They received an F from the Dallas Better Business Bureau. IMO this is a scam and the authorities should put a stop to it. I have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Protection Agency, and If you feel your money has been taken under less than honest circumstances I urge you to complain as well. I am also contacting every media outlet that is advertising their product. This kind of business practice is unacceptable. They need to be stopped NOW!

  26. Jan Says:

    Well there is a number to call 877-316-1856.
    Now she said she cancelled any further orders and is sending me a confirmation email and I did receive one in less than 2 minutes.
    So good luck!!

  27. Lisa Says:

    Its a scam this company will do anything to keep your money! I did order to try this serum out and called within the 14 day trial period to cancel. 3 days later I was charged 99.00. I called there customer service and was hung up 5x. I called my bank and filed a dispute against this company and I WILL be getting my money back. I feel better (if one could) seeing everyone complaining about the same thing. Just beware buyers of this website plus the serum stinks and both day and night are the same! Such a rip off. Customer Service # is 1-877-862-9835

  28. Connie Says:

    These scam artists phone number is 877-316-1904. They were billing me $107 every 2 weeks and told me I am not allowed to return the product or refuse it or cancel the subscription. My banker called them and also had a difficult time with the hard to understand reps. I had to cancel my card to stop their charges. BEWARE!

  29. Barbara Says:

    I was very easy to cancel order at 1 877 316 1859. I received a cancellation number. Satisfied with Darreck taking care of it promptly.
    He promised no further orders. I had an allergic reaction. Do not have to send back to company, just call the number I stated.

  30. Pat Harder Says:

    A SCAM SCAM SCAM Shame on me I goT charged for the Free trial $99 and another $124 for the next supply. Actually I don’t like the feel of Equinox and I haven’t seen Any improvement.All these “managers they’re all managers” are willing to do is cancel future ordrs. BEWARE! Forget it I am done with freebies. If I could get my moiney back I will give it to charity.

  31. Nita Bucklen Says:

    I ordered a trial supply for 4.95 and never got it, when I got my charge card statement they had put a 99.00 charge on my card. I called my credit card co and they called this company and we were on a three war call. I could no understand what the foreigner was saying but I told him clearly he was a crook and I was not paying for something I didn’t receive much less a hundred dollars. I just got a letter from my credit card co saying they were adding the 99.00 back on my account because the co is saying it was delivered by mail at 9.30 am , that’s a lie because our mail never runs until after 1-30 or later. I’m reporting them to the Attorney Generals Office .

  32. GREG BAKER Says:

    This product in horrible and the customer service is horrible. Actually, it’s a big scam. They bill you and don’t even send the product. I would suggest when you cancel to change your account number because they will continue to bill.

  33. Debbie Says:

    I have a number for you to call and cancel your orders of Equinox and RTVL. I just called and got their customer service and confirmation #’s for my cancelation.


  34. Elizabeth Says:

    I finally found this customer service number some of you wonderful people posted, and was able to cancel with no problem (supposedly).I’ll know next month, I suppose! Thank you everybody!

  35. Jennifer Says:

    I cant believe how many people including myself were fooled by this scam. I too payed the 4.95 not realizing they would charge you 99.00 more if you did not return the product within 2 weeks. I didnt notice the charges until i received an account statement. By then they had already sent me another order and billed me another 105.00 a shipment i NEVER received. It was fault for falling for this and not being on top of these charges but to not even receive the product is unbelievable! I called the company (getting the number from this site cause no company info was ever given) and they gave me a usps tracking number showing they sent me something and i received it. I can guarantee you I did not! These people really know how to run scam. Cant believe they go through all this trouble to make this product just to screw people over.

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