EdenFantasys Review

As humans, we need to satisfy all of our needs to live fulfilled lives. And those needs include the sexual ones – some people manage to get by with just the “plain” way of having sex, but others need a bit more excitement and experimentation. For those, there are specialized stores that offer a variety of products to throw you in a world of extasy like you’ve never experienced before.

EdenFantasys is one of those stores, and we can definitely say it’s one of the better ones judging by their impressive range of products and accessories.

Product Selection and Prices

Whatever your fantasy is, you can satisfy it here. They’ve got all sorts of products – regular, plain vibrators, battery powered ones, sex toys for both men and women, accessories for more delicate sessions, as well as sexy clothing. You can buy a wide variety of lingerie and bondage clothes and accessories here, both in men and women’s varieties, offered in a good array of sizes.

Prices seem to be comfortable for the regular pocket – if you don’t want to set yourself back too much, you can get a few cheaper items, while if you really want to have a blast, you could end up spending quite a lot of money on all sorts of things here – so make sure you come well loaded.

Design and Navigation

The website’s navigation turned out somewhat problematic at first – you may have some difficulty getting to some of the more specific areas, and grouping items by customized criteria. On the other hand, the general groups that are displayed on the front page were satisfying enough – you can get to the most important parts of the website.

The store comes in a pink design, quite suitable for its theme, naturally. It’s pleasant to look at and has a good touch of modern to it. Nothing stands out too much, nothing distracts you from browsing the featured items. The colors blend in nicely, though sometimes they can clash with the background a little too much.

Ordering and Customer Support

We managed to place an order very quickly and were extremely satisfied with the store’s service – your item ships in a discrete package that doesn’t reveal its contents in any obvious way. You can also buy things in gift packages and have them sent directly as gifts as well – always an original idea if you know someone with a bit more kinky mindset.

Customer support worked in the same manner – discrete yet helpful, they were always eager to give us assistance and guide us through the purchase (even considering the tricky substance we’re dealing with here).

Final Thoughts

The amount of these stores nowadays is growing rapidly, and with so many to choose from, it’s easy to make a mistake. You can feel safe shopping from EdenFantasys though, as they make it obvious that they’ve been on the market for a while now, and know how to serve their customers properly.


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