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Dr Numb Review

There are some products out there that you may never consider you’d need to use, but when the time comes that you start looking for them, you start wondering how it hasn’t happened before.

Skin numbing products are something of this type – after all, most people’s experience with those generally boils down to their visit at a cosmetician or a doctor. You may not even be familiar with the concept – skin numbing products most often come in the forms of creams, and they act as a local anesthetic for your skin, blocking all pain incoming to it.

This can be useful for a variety of applications – for example, undergoing a heavy tattooing process, depilating your skin (we all know how much that hurts and we’ve all wished for something to take off the pain, right?), piercing, as well as laser treatments. Dr Numb is a numbing cream that’s sold from its own website, and when it comes to skin numbing products, this is easily one of the most popular and well-known ones.

We bought a few packs of Dr Numb for testing purposes, and our initial impressions from the purchasing process were highly positive – we got quick delivery, plus the shipping was discounted as well. Overall, they offer a great level of customer service and we were highly satisfied with that part.

Now, we’ll have to make some negative comments about the cream itself – even though it does work as described, there are some problems in relation to the longevity of its effects. The store claims that it should last for up to 4 hours, but from our tests it seemed to go for far shorter – something like two hours at most. After that, you’d need to reapply it if you want to continue doing whatever it is that’s causing you pain. We have to admit we only tested it on one subject though, so it may have had something to do with his body’s tolerance to the substance or something like that.

The one very crucial subject when it comes to products of this type, are the side effects – when applying something that’s supposed to reduce the sensitivity of your skin, one would expect to come across some possible side effects. The company even claims that the ingredients used have been used in pretty much the maximum allowed concentrations by the FDA. This should set off a few red flags for those with overly sensitive skin, or with underlying medical conditions related to the skin – be careful and don’t use too much; in fact, try out a little of the product at first, to make sure that it’s safe for your skin type.

Apart from that, we didn’t see any obvious potential problems, and the cream worked quite well – it numbs the skin nicely, and even though you can still feel some of the effects of outside irritants, they’re not as heavily pronounced and shouldn’t bother you that much, so you should feel safe using this for whatever purposes you may have.


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  1. april Says:

    dr.numb really does work, im not the type to comment, but i was so skeptical so i tried the 15 dollar bottle for my first tattoo on my foot, worked amazing and i did it right over my bone i think i felt maybe two seconds of the tattoo and i think its bc i didnt put if far enough down. dont believe the comments that it doesnt work, everyones skin is different, and im sure takes to certain things a different way. but if u follow the directions like it says, im telling you will be fine .

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