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DietPower Review

For some, it’s a familiar concept. For others, it’s a completely new idea that brings both curiosity and uncertainty. What we’re talking about here are diet computer programs – ones that are designed to count your calories for you, and create the perfect dieting routines for your needs, taking into consideration your own food tastes, what you like and dislike. DietPower is one of the most popular programs of this type, and with so much talk going on about it lately, we decided we’d give it a proper review.

The program works by first setting a long-term goal for you, and then it breaks down your daily dieting schemes, presenting them into sophisticated charts and graphs. Apart from that, it also summarizes the information in a readable way, allowing you to quickly get a grasp of what you’ll be eating for a given period of time. Best of all, it can vary your meals greatly, taking into consideration exactly what foods you like and dislike, thus allowing you to live on a diet without having to sacrifice that much of the joy of eating.

Some of the more advanced features of the program include a very comprehensive database of foods. While other programs will give you a choice of a few thousand common food types and combine them in randomized ways, DietPower also contains listings for various rare and semi-rare meals, as well as special meals only found in certain chain restaurant stores. Taking it a bit further, it can incorporate those special meals into your diet in a way that meets your personal schedule, thus allowing you to make the most out of your time while staying 100% healthy.

A good dieting program shouldn’t only concentrate on your food though – it also needs to take your exercising into account. DietPower doesn’t fail here either, offering a very well-designed personal training assistant, allowing you to create your workout routines and modify them in ways that, again, are most suitable for your personal time schedule. There were some shortcomings in the algorithm that determines when to place certain exercises, though those are minor hitches and didn’t really ruin the overall impression.

On top of all that’s been said, DietPower is also remarkably easy to use – so easy that even if you haven’t used a dieting program before, or aren’t that savvy with computers in general, you should be able to make great use of it and create your own personalized diet that suits your needs best. And if you encounter any problems, you should find enough help in either the comprehensive user manual, or the live support offered from the developer staff.

The program is offered as a free trial straight from the developer’s website, so you can try it for yourself and see how well it can change your lifestyle. We can assure you though, using a personal trainer program is something that more and more people are switching to nowadays, and it’s easy to see why – you get all the benefits of a personal trainer, without the huge costs and loss of time that are commonly associated with it.


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