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Diet-to-Go Review

What does the service do?

Diet-to-Go is a diet food service that provides delicious, healthy, balanced meal plans. Diet-to-Go has been serving its customers for over 18 years now.

Who uses Diet-to-Go?

People who don’t have the time to concentrate on fresh nutritionally balanced meal preparation. Most people use Diet-to-Go to: lose weight, increase their level of health, to save time for the more important things. Busy mothers, executives, and busy singles are all currently making use of the easy meal service.

What do you get with Diet-to-Go?

They offer five weeks of unique diet plan meal structures that all taste great and offer variety. There are traditional choices and vegetarian meals all of which are low in fat, sodium and cholesterol. Each healthy selection is prepared by a Diet-to-Go chef, who sticks to strict dietary guidelines provided by all the major health sanctioning bodies in the United States.

Your Goals

Each plan is set up with your goals/needs in mind. If you need to lose weight Diet-to-Go will work with you to design a tailored meal plan to help you reach your desired weight, then once you reach your goals, a maintenance plan will be used to keep you there. For those of you out there who don’t need to shed any pounds, but desire to live a healthier lifestyle — a healthy meal plan rich in fiber and vitamin content will be utilized. People with food allergies need not worry — they can provide safe meals that are free of dangerous food choices.

It’s important to note that you aren’t required to pay for meals that you don’t like. If you find, for any reason that a particular meal doesn’t suit your taste buds, Diet-to-Go will credit your account for the price of the unsatisfactory meal on future food choices.

Cost of Meals

The average customer spends about $90 per week on their preselected meals. Your price will be affected by factors such as snack choices, number of desired meals per day and the plan chosen E.g. If you’re using Diet-to-Go for weight loss, it would be advisable to have them prepare all of your meals and snacks to ensure you stick to strict calorie guidelines. Those of you who need help with a few healthy meal choices for you, or your family may choose a lighter meal plan that would cost less.

Final Considerations

A recent poll among customers showed that most people who choose the program for their weight loss needs tend to lose anywhere from 2 to 3 pounds every week while they have the Diet-to-Go chefs preparing their meals for them. While you’re not going to find each meal item that’s offered desirable, you will definitely find more than enough to enjoy on a regular basis.

If you have any major concerns that are holding you back from making a decision: Give the friendly support team a call, so you can have your questions answered right away.


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