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Surely nothing makes a more appropriate gift for a long-time occasion with your loved one, than a diamond. It’s a simple piece of jewelry that has become a universal sign of expressing affection, and even if you’re not packing a huge wallet, you can still get your hands on some smaller ones nowadays. At, you can get both that as well as some high-grade, high-priced diamonds – plus a selection of fine accessories.

Pricing and Product Variety

There are various gems here, coming in all sorts of jewelry. The store doesn’t just sell diamonds, you can also buy other precious stones like pearls and gemstone, and precious metals like gold, platinum and titanium. There’s a nifty menu that allows you to browse the product selection by price range – which should definitely come in handy to any shoppers, considering the fluctuation of prices on the items here.

For example, you can get some products for as low as $100-$200 (we’re saying “low”, because that’s far from expensive when it comes to diamonds of course), while there are some that go higher than $2000. You’ll see some products’ prices dropped from over $4000 to less than $2500, which is quite impressive to note and speaks a lot of the store’s quality and level of customer care.

Ease of Use and Visuals

Another aspect of the store that we should commend them on, it has been designed very nicely and catches the eye instantly with its smooth, blue and white design that speaks of professionalism. You can access the various categories from their appropriate buttons laid out on the top of the site, and you can narrow down your search by using the menu on the left.

Every important element of the store is very easily accessible, most with under three clicks, and in general you shouldn’t experience any hurdles when browsing around here and making your selection. We should just note that the fonts may be a bit too small for some people, especially those using larger resolutions – the menu on the left is a good example of this, as it can be a bit difficult to properly see its elements under such conditions.

Purchasing and Customer Support

There’s a great deal of care for your quality of shopping here. When making your purchase, you can vouch to pay in monthly installments instead of having to pay all of the money up front directly, which can be a great relief if you’re shopping for some of the more expensive items here. Furthermore, there’s an always-active support, ready to assist you with your purchases. They seemed very knowledgeable on diamonds as well, and were able to provide coherent information about the various products offered at the store.


Whether you need to impress your loved one, or you just love shiny jewelry – is one of the most renowned online stores for this type of product, and if you don’t find what you need here, you’ll have a hard time finding it elsewhere.


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