CosmeticMall Review

At CosmeticMall, you can shop for a variety of beauty supplies, cosmetics and body treatment products. Even though it’s a relatively new store, it’s developing quite steadily and already offers an impressive selection of products and accessories. Their prices are another topic though, but more on that below.

Product Selection and Prices

You can literally find almost anything you may need to take care of your good looks in this store – cosmetics, make-up and perfumes from all the popular (and not so) brands. Their make-up selection is especially impressive, and you should definitely pay a visit to their lipstick section, which boasts a huge array of different brands and styles. It can easily satisfy even the more specific needs and tastes.

Their pricing may seem a bit unfair for some though. The products come at high rates for the most part, and even though there are some discounts offered on a regular basis, you’ll still have to pay more than usual to get your hands on the majority of items. This could be explained by their constant customer service and the speedy deliveries, but we felt that they could really improve their store if they simply balanced their prices with a bit more consideration.

Design and Navigation

The store offers a pleasing design visually, with no flashy colors distracting you from the actual shopping or any elements preventing you from accessing the important areas of the website. On the other hand, the information presented can be a bit scarce at times – for example, browsing the hot offers on the main page, you won’t be able to see the prices of the listed products until you’ve actually opened the product’s appropriate page.

Furthermore, a lot could be improved in the search engine. You need to be really specific in the keywords you’re providing, otherwise you may get a couple of “product not found” pages before you find what you were actually after. As a hint, try not using any quotation marks or other special characters in your search query. This seems to cause it to get bugged quite a lot, and generally leads to misleading results.

Ordering and Customer Support

Ordering from CosmeticMall is a pleasure, as they are very open about the payment and shipping process. We were offered a variety of shipment plans, one of which suited our needs just perfectly (and was actually the recommended one). Their support staff was especially praise-worthy, always rushing to give us suggestions and help us make the best of our purchase. Nothing negative to note here, the support services offered here are simply outstanding.

Final Thoughts

Even though cosmetics stores are so abundant nowadays and you may be wondering what could be so special about this one, we advise you to just try it once. Their services far excel anything we’ve seen so far on the market, and even though the prices may not be fit for every pocket, the quality of their service more than makes up for it!


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