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Cosmedicine Review

Cosmedicine has an unique approach to marketing, in that they always emphasize on how much they’re caring for your actual health, well-being, as well as satisfaction. The company manufactures what they describe as “the ideal blend of cosmetics and medicine” – and what are in reality cosmetic products that have apparently been designed through complicated scientific methods.

Pricing and Product Variety

The store is packed full of different products that address all types of skin-related issues – from serums to exfoliators, to moisturizers and general cleansers. It doesn’t matter what type of problem your skin is giving you, it won’t be hard to find a solution if you browse the categories for just a few minutes. Remember that the products here have been designed with attention to minimizing their side-effects too, so you should feel safe in browsing them, regardless of any underlying health conditions you may have.

They cost quite a bit more than your regular, run-of-the mill store products though – don’t expect to get away with a few bucks. The good thing is though, you know your money goes into buying quality here, especially if you look around for some customer comments on the Internet. The company apparently really knows what they’re doing when manufacturing their products, and it reflects very well on their final results.

Ease of Use and Visuals

The design used in the store makes it trivially easy to find anything you need, and quickly move between its different sections regardless of where you currently are. We admit, it could’ve been made a bit more feature-rich, but on the other hand, it doesn’t really lack anything you would really need. One thing we wouldn’t mind seeing added is a live preview of your cart as you’re shopping though, as it can get filled up rather quickly with some high-priced items, and it could be useful to be able to keep an eye on it at all times.

The visual aspect of the design is almost perfect – with just a few small hitches (for example, compatibility of the menu with different browsers), it makes for a great method of navigating the store’s contents and quickly accessing what you may need.

Purchasing and Customer Support

Once you’ve filled your cart with enough items (which, as we mentioned above, shouldn’t take too long if you’re on a budget), you will be quickly taken through the checkout process and you’ll be on your way to receiving your order. There are some discounts that are frequently running on their shipment fees too, so if you’re worried about having to pay too much about the products you may be relieved to know that at least the shipping won’t cost you that much.

The store holds an impressive knowledge database of information about skin care, not just related to their products but in general as well. You can learn quite a lot if you’ve got some time to spend, so have a look around.


Yet another skincare store? We wouldn’t say so at all. This is the store that you should go if quality is your #1 concern.


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