Cosme-De Review

Cosme-De is a cosmetics retailer, as the name implies – shipping all around the world, they’ve been around for about two years now and have built quite a reputable collection of merchandise. From Calvin Klein to DKNY and Vichy, they’re really stocked up well. One of the things the store is known for are their constant discounts and promotions, which draw in customers all the time – just looking at it for a brief time should be enough to get you to buy something!

Product Selection and Prices

As we said, they stand out from the rest quite well in this regard – they offer a wide selection of products, most of them always freshly stocked. Prices are another great aspect of Cosme-De, as not only do they offer the products at reduced prices to begin with, but they also use separate pricing schemes for countries with non-Dollar currencies, to retain prices fair.

There are also constant discounts listed at the front page, so if you’re a bargain shopper, you’re going to love this in every way. Just as an example, signing up gives you a $5 bonus checked into your account – there’s your first discount already! And right now, because of their second birthday, they’re offering all sorts of other promotions too. They also offer free shipping under a variety of conditions, and a lot more – really, in terms of prices, we can only say bravo.

Design and Navigation

Right as you open the main page, you’re presented with the current hot deals and promotions – they’re picked from most popular categories to maximize the potential of showing you something you might like. Also, the website can guide you through tasks like picking a gifts, or checking out the items that are currently the best value for their price. You can see upcoming items as well, and place pre-orders on the ones that interest you so that you can have them as soon as they’re on the market officially.

Navigating through the website is a breeze and you can always get to what you need in just a few clicks

Ordering and Customer Support

The ordering process is very streamlined and the website accepts the standard array of payment methods. Different shipment options are presented for people from different regions, to minimize the amount of money you’ll have to pay for that part of your order – which has proven to be the biggest hassle with other websites. Note that some people have been complaining about long delivery times, but that’s more of a problem of the delivery companies themselves, not the store.

The store’s staff were very friendly and always responded to our messages in time.

Final Thoughts

Great store if you’re looking to save money, or to find that perfect gift for your beloved one. They’ll love it, and your bank account will love it as well – and with the added convenience the website’s streamlined navigation offers, this should really be on top of your bookmarks when you need to do your cosmetics shopping.


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