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Clarisea Review

Clarisea is a neat little online store for the products of the company with the same name, which specializes in skincare products from sea products. Their store hasn’t been around for that long, and even though their product selection isn’t that impressive either, it’s more or less compensated for when you experience the quality of the products offered at the store.

Pricing and Product Variety

They’ve basically got several sets for the treatment of your face or body, and they’re divided into their appropriate categories. Some of the sets actually treat both the face and body, and those have their own category – though the majority of their products are aimed at a specific region of the body. You can also buy sea salt in various bag sizes, something which is a rarity in cosmetics stores, even though it’s highly useful for the treatment of various skin conditions and all-around skin care. Some of their products incorporate sea salt as well, and you can find it in the form of various creams and face treatment products.

The pricing varies from acceptable to slightly overpriced, but if you’ve got an eye for good deals you should be able to filter them out from the rest. It’s true that for some of their products, they’re asking more than they’re seemingly worth, but on the other hand you can find some creams and moisturizers a lot more cheaply than other stores offer them – so we guess it all balances itself out. Still, keep an eye out on what you’re buying so that you don’t end up feeling cheated in the end.

Ease of Use and Visuals

The store’s design is very simple, there’s a menu with all the important elements placed at the top, and you can easily access all the store’s areas from there. The front page circulates several advertisements for products offered at discount prices, and you can see some great deals listed all the time while you’re browsing the store’s contents as well.

The color scheme is lovely, with a baby blue background fading into a white shade, it creates a soothing sensation and makes it really pleasant to just roam around the store’s various pages and gaze upon the beauty of its design. We’re usually very criticising on the visual aspect of store designs, but this one just doesn’t leave anything to be commented negatively on – and as soon as you’ve visited it you’ll find out why.

Purchasing and Customer Support

You may get a few glitches while placing your order, mainly in that the checkout system tends to load too slowly and sometimes even breaks the connection unexpectedly – but don’t worry, whenever that happens your order won’t be lost and you’ll be able to continue shopping with your new products already added to your basket.

Their support is satisfying though not really impressive – they’ve got a contact section but no live support, sadly.


Treating your skin with sea products is something you’ll never regret – and at Clarisea, it can be done as easy as 1-2-3!


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