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Claripro Review

Few aspects of your appearance can give you as much trouble in their maintenance as nails can. The little buggers are just so demanding at times, that no matter how much effort you put into treating them and caring for them, sometimes they develop nasty conditions that degrade their looks and in turn make you look bad.

Nail fungus is probably the most common of these problems, and it can develop in anyone – it doesn’t really matter if you’re paying good attention to your hygiene, nothing guarantees you won’t find yourself with this condition one day.

Claripro is a revolutionary new approach to the problem, attacking it from two sides. The medication comes in two parts – a topical cream, and a homeopathic spray. The cream is applied to your nails directly, and works in various ways by using its all natural ingredients to promote better health for the nails, and improve their condition in any way possible. We were very impressed with the effectiveness of the cream, as it managed to penetrate deeply within the nails and started working almost immediately – the test subject reported a soothing sensation across their fingers.

The homeopathic spray is used by spraying it into your mouth, from where it gets absorbed in your bloodstream and starts working its way towards improving your nails from within your organism. The ingredients used in the spray are actually ones that you can commonly find in products related to nail care, though no manufacturer has yet combined them in the way they’re used in Claripro. The spray needs to be applied quite often though, up to three times a day for maximum effect – so you’ll have to try and fit it into your schedule as best as you can.

Claripro managed to achieve its effects in only a matter of weeks – whereas other products gave some immediate effects upon their use but quickly degraded in their quality over time, Claripro was probably the only one that managed to maintain a good, steady level of efficiency over a period of a few weeks, eventually curing the nail fungus completely. That last bit should be reinforced separately – you see, most other nail treatment products don’t really cure your problems, they just mask them and fool you into thinking that they’re gone for the time being – but as soon as you stop using the product, your problems come back in full swing and you’re forced to come back to it.

With Claripro, this isn’t an issue and you’ll be able to enjoy your fresh, renewed nails in just a matter of weeks. However, be prepared to pay up accordingly – the high quality of this product dictates a higher price than you’d regularly find similar products for – but with the effects you’re getting for that money, we can honestly say that they could easily bump up the price even further and it will still remain fair.


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