Beauty Bridge Review

Beauty Bridge is an online shop that specializes in cosmetics – and it’s easily one of the most reputable ones. Their website has been around for quite a while, and they take pride in serving customers swiftly and offering a wide variety of products. So, we can’t really go without saying a few words about this company and what you should expect from their services.

Product Selection and Prices

This website will have you simply stunned in this regard. The amount of brands featured is tremendous, and it doesn’t matter if you’re after something high-class or a cheap, not very known product – if it’s related to cosmetics, chances are you’ll find it on Beauty Bridge. Their prices are really competitive as well – even though some other online stores will offer you the same products somewhat cheaper, you’ll rarely get the same additional benefits as you do here – read on to find out what exactly.

There are also free samples offered with your purchases, and delivery can be obtained for free as well, under some circumstances – you’ll just have to take a look at the current hot offerings.

Design and Navigation

The website strikes with a very exquisite design. It’s very stylized and a pleasure to look – and despite that, the eye candy isn’t intrusive at all and doesn’t prevent your easy navigation around the website. All of the important menus have been placed in easily visible places, and the current promotions are made centerfold – as soon as you log on, you’ll know what the hot deals are and which direction to head in.

In this regard, we can only give the creators of Beauty Bridge praise – they’ve simply outdone their competition by a long run. We know vision is hardly the most important thing when it comes to an online shop, but let’s face it – many of these websites seem to forget that when you’re in the beauty industry, you need to come out attractive as well, regardless of which medium you choose to present yourself in.

Ordering and Customer Support

Not only do they have great support staff for the website itself, but they actually have licensed physicians who can give you advice on what to buy, based on your own personal preferences and needs – if that doesn’t speak highly of the quality of service you should expect from Beauty Bridge, we don’t know what will. And yes, we did decide to test this service – it works as flawlessly as you’d expect. No real negatives to note here – we just hope they’d actually make it more obvious!

Final Thoughts

Considering all we’ve said about the website so far, we don’t think we need to re-state our opinion – this site should definitely be around the top of your list if you need to buy your cosmetics in style. You may have to pay a bit more than usual for the delivery, but hey – quality comes at a price, right?


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  1. Lorri Says:

    Their customer service and return policy is horrible. I was badgered to return mail polish and will never shop there again.

  2. Emily Says:

    This is an awful website. They sell expired merchandise then they don’t want to refund your money and lie about it!!!!

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