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Barielle Review

Barielle specializes in skin care products – as well as ones aimed at nail, hand and foot care. The store is primarily known for their selection of nail products though, and if you’re reading this, chances are that’s how you’ve heard about them as well. And while it’s true that their catalog of nail care products is quite impressive, one should also pay attention to the other sections of their store, as they also offer some very attractive deals that shouldn’t be missed out on.

Pricing and Product Variety

If you need to treat a specific area of your body like your hands, feet, skin (in general), or your nails, this store will likely hold the products you’ll need to do so. You can either get them in separate packages aimed at treating a specific part, or you can buy them in complete sets for an all-around treatment – which also come at great discounts.

Speaking of discounts, the pricing policy here is very attractive – you’ll notice that everything seems to cost less than it does in other stores. Well, probably not absolutely everything when you consider some of the more luxurious skincare products, but still – one of the primary selling points of this store is the way they’re pricing everything. If you love savings and are always looking out for that sweet new deal when you’re doing your shopping, you’ll be in a world of delight in this store.

Ease of Use and Visuals

The store’s design is a bit strange at first glance, as the choice of colors tends to be a bit disorienting if you’re not always familiar with its layout. Still, you should easily find the main menu located at the top, as well as the other important navigation elements which have been conveniently placed just below the main content on the front page.

In regards to the color-related problems we mentioned above, we should also add that you may experience some difficulty making out parts of the text if your monitor’s contrast ratio is too low – but that’s a common problems with designs that use such a combination of colors anyway, so we wouldn’t hold it against them that much.

Purchasing and Customer Support

Once you’ve picked your products and headed to the checkout, you may want to take a second glance at your shopping cart – the reason is that sometimes the software tends to “drop” some of the items you’ve ordered, and you’ll end up having to make a second purchase if you forget to double-check before hitting the “process” button. Don’t worry though, you can apparently easily cancel the order and revert the selection you’ve made, so that shouldn’t give you a lot of trouble if you’re careful and contact their support quickly.

And talking about that part of the store – we can only praise them on what they’re offering, as the support is really excellent and always helpful here. Nothing bad we can say about it.


Skin care products can be bought left and right on the Internet nowadays – but only a handful of stores offer them with the quality of service that Barielle does.


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