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39DollarGlasses Review

As a glasses store, 39DollarGlasses instantly attracts some attention based solely on its name – it’s a common marketing trick to advertise something special about your promotions in this way, and we can definitely say the trick works here. Although the name may send off some wrong signals to potential customers – don’t come here with expectations to see $39 as the only price tag here – though certainly it’ll be the most popular one.

Pricing and Product Variety

Initially, you may get the impression that the name “39 Dollar Glasses” wasn’t picked at random, and they stick to it to the end – in reality though, even though you’ll see quite a lot of offers for glasses at $39, there are some more expensive offers if you feel you want to dig deeper into your pocket. Depending on what exactly you need, a pair of glasses may cost you well over $100 here – especially if you go for the more luxurious models like the titanium ones.

Speaking of which, you’ll be pleased with the product variety offered here – regardless what your style is, you’ll find something that complements your face perfectly. With or without rims, dark or not – if it’s glasses, this store has it. Some of the products weren’t in stock when we were examining them though, so make sure you pay special attention to the availability indicators.

Ease of Use and Visuals

Despite being overall very easy to work with, the store could use some improvements, mainly by categorizing their products in a more orderly fashion, to provide quicker access to some of the more under-utilized categories. Don’t take this the wrong way though – you’ll still be able to get to where you need, but if you need something a bit more specialized, you may have to go through a few extra menus that probably could’ve been omitted.

On the visual side, it’s a pleasure to look at, using calm colors in a blue-ish scheme that sets a professional tone to it. The hot offers and promotions are always made as obvious as possible without hindering the site’s general accessibility, so you should be pleased in this aspect.

Purchasing and Customer Support

Your cart is always readily available from the top of the page, and you have quick access to the checkout menu as well. Security has been accented very heavily in this store, showing certificates that it’s been tested by various security experts regularly.

As for their support, the live service they had provided was very pleasant to work with, as their employees obviously had a good idea of the store’s functions and product selection, and were able to assist appropriately at all times.


Shopping for glasses online may be a tricky business, especially if you actually need a pair with magnification and not just sunglasses – but 39DollarGlasses certainly takes a huge load off your back by helping you make the best purchase for your money.


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  1. RHKo47 Says:

    I am dissatisfied with the service I received on a new prescription for progressive bifocals. The first pair had the reading area too low on the lens, so that I had to prop up the glasses to read. I called and described the problem and was sent a free shipping label, and after another wait received presumably new lenses, but with the same problem. I called again and was advised to have a measurement made, “segment height”, and again after a wait I received new (?) lenses with exactly the same problem to exactly the same degree. When I called again, I was advised that I could return the glasses for only a partial refund. So I’m out money and have no new glasses six weeks after receiving a new and very satisfactory prescription from a local provider. I would never do business with 39dollarglasses again.

  2. Scott Says:

    I LOVE 39dollarglasses!

    I have ordered for myself and my family 3 different times and I have always gotten an amazing product. I did need to use customer service once because my RX was wrong (that was my fault) but they were very nice and helpful.

    I’ve tried one of the other “cheaper” eyeglasses companies and got what I paid for!

    I believe for the quality, speed of delivery and service there is no beating 39dollarglasses.

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